Carbons biochar rebuilds substrates


Carbons biochar products are suitable for landscaping, since they

  • Prevent nutrient leach from the substrate by binding nutrients
  • Balance the water economy of the substrate and extends the irrigation interval by binding water into its porous structure and releasing it evenly to the needs of the vegetation
  • Activate the soil microorganisms by improving their living conditions and thus improving the structure of the soil and promoting the release of nutrients in a form that can be used by plants
  • Promote root growth and the vitality of vegetation by increasing the aeration of the substrate and its retention capacity of water and nutrients
  • Reduce the acidity of the soil due to its alkalinity (pH about 10).


The biochar soil fertility effect is based on the:

  • Ability to hold water
  • Ability to retain nutrients (including good cation exchange capacity)
  • Ability to regulate acidity
  • Enhancing impact on soil microorganism activity.
In urban environments, growth problems are often due to soil compactness and low airspace, resulting in poor root respiration, poor water, oxygen and nutrient retention, poor microbial activity and root disease. Biochar increases the porosity of the substrate, improves water and nutrient intake and carbon dioxide release from the soil. Biochar can be used to revitalize old trees by coring aeration holes in the ground and filling them with biochar, crushed rock and nutrients. Old trees and shrubs can be revitalized by replacing the old substrate with a biochar + crushed rock mixture. The shrubs can be revitalized by mixing biochar in a trench made around the shrub.


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