Biochar products

Carbons biochar products are made of Finnish wood. The products are authorized, they are listed in the national register of organic production, the national register of entrepreneurs dealing with fertilizer products (announcement delivered June 2018) and the European Biochar Certification EBC (application process launched in June 2018).

Willow has an excellent distribution of pore size, which is why we are looking for willow to be used as raw material. We provide the willow farmer with a production contract with a commitment to purchase the willow trees at least at the same price as when sold for energy production.

The Carbons biochar products can be purchased sifted and screened into different grain sizes, or non-sifted and non-screened. We will also offer fertilized biochar and biochar inoculated with microbes.

We supply Carbons products for professional use in bulk bags. Please contact us by e-mail at or through this form. Consumer packaging is available at Viherpeukalot online store.


Picture: Marja Seppälä