The company


Carbons Finland Oy is a smartup company founded in 2014 with a purpose to develop ecological, revolutionary biochar solutions for the treatment of stormwater and seepage and runoff waters, landscaping and restoration of vegetation, composting and nutrient recycling and efficient organic farming. The company is involved in the nutrition recycling experimental programme of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southern Osthrobotnia (Ravinteiden kierrätyksen kokeiluohjelma), and in the KasvuOpen sparring programme finals.

Biochar processing into functional biochars is a part of the company’s research activities. The aim is to create high-degree added value GreenTech biochar products and international concepts. The company has one patent. The company has also networked with several willows studies in Finland and internationally and is a representative of Salix Energy AB in Finland.

Carbons Finland Oy previously operated under the name Pajupojat Oy – Willow Partners.