Carbons biochar enhances organic agriculture


Carbons biochar products are suitable for improving organic agriculture as they

  • Promote root growth and the vitality of vegetation by increasing the airiness of the substrate and its retention capacity of water and nutrients
  • Activate the soil microorganisms by improving their living conditions and thus improving the structure of the soil and promoting the release of nutrients in a form that can be used by plants
  • Prevent nutrient leach from the ground by binding nutrients
  • Balance the water economy of the substrate and extends the irrigation interval by binding water into its porous structure and releasing it evenly to the needs of vegetation
  • Reduce the acidity of the soil due to alkalinity (pH about 10).
  • Activate microbial activity also in the compost
  • Are non-degradable and rot-proof and maintains a beneficial effect for a long time.


These features enhance organic agriculture, as Carbons biochar

  • Increases the profitability of organic agriculture by shortening the transition period for organic agriculture
  • Improves the soil carbon-to-nitrogen ratio
  • Promotes the sprouting and growth of crops and increases crop yields
  • Facilitates compliance with the EU organic product regulation by providing the characteristics required for organic substrates
  • Reduces the nutrient loss in composts
  • Reduces the need for fertilization, liming and irrigation.



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